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December 2015 update – Chairpersons Report

By December 15, 2015April 17th, 2017Chairmans Report

We’re coming to the end of another busy and successful year at HOPENZ, one that focused on developing relationships here in New Zealand as well as with our international HOPENZ workers.

In mid-October, we hosted a successful gala evening to celebrate HOPENZ’s 10th year of helping change people’s lives.

Around 50 people gathered at the Boat shed in Palmerston North and we as the board had a wonderful time mingling with and thanking those who have supported HOPENZ on our journey thus far.

We took the opportunity to showcase the work HOPENZ has done and the difference that is being made to so many lives in Cambodia and the Philippines.

Our new project has begun in Cambodia. The aim is to develop self-sufficient and sustainable family farms with the by-products of one agricultural activity to become the input for another.

The activity will help establish community-level agricultural infrastructure, such as seed banks, animal banks, revolving loan funds and community rice mills.

The three-year activity will benefit 1,175 farming families, or up to 26,000 people. This is a sponsored project by the NZ Government. We at HOPENZ have to raise funds to enable this to work and we very much appreciate your support in this endeavour. 

We look forward to another year of working alongside you in 2016.

Richard Burne