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Our name, HOPENZ not only reflects our Kiwi roots but honours our affiliation to the world-wide family of HOPE International Development Agency based in Vancouver, Canada.

HOPENZ was established in March 2005 by a group of founding trustees who were deeply moved by the suffering of families in the developing world.

All New Zealand based personnel for HOPENZ are volunteers who work out of a sense of compassion and expectation that things can be made better for families in need and hold the belief that ordinary Kiwis can be an integral part of the solution to poverty.

Current Board

Richard Tankersley, Chairperson

Richard is involved in business and has a heart for community enterprises.  Seeing an opportunity come to fruition and then impact a community is the best adventure for Richard.  Richard and Anne have 4 adult children.

Andrew Brown, Director

Andrew is a hands-on engineer at an agricultural machinery manufacturer in Palmerston North. Andrew is married to Lisa. Andrew’s passion is to help those in need through his varied skills & ideas, making it easier for people to succeed.  Andrew’s interest in HopeNZ was through his Dad, Richard Brown (past project manager) and the HopeNZ project trips they did together.

Gordon McIvor, Director

Gordon works as a Business Development Manager for an international I.T. Services firm.  He has a sales, I.T. and customer service background.  Gordon is married to Josie and together have two children.  He has represented both Manawatu and New Zealand in sport.

Tony Mackereth, Financial Director

Tony manages a team of research engineers for a dairy company. Tony is married to Diana and together have three grown up sons.  Tony has a passion to empower people to help themselves.

Jasmine McCracken, Director

Jasmine has a degree in Social Anthropology and Development studies which has broadened her knowledge of different cultures. Jasmine has always been interested in empowering others to be able to live to their full potential both physically and spiritually.