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This project was aimed at increasing the access to potable water of selected Indigenous Peoples Communities in Visayas and Mindanao. The project was implemented by Assisi Development  Foundation in partnership with the LGUs and Indigenous Peoples Organizations under the Land and Livelihoods Project areas.

Three water systems were constructed in two IP communities in Himamaylan City, Western Visayas and in one IP community in the Municipality of Talakag, Bukidnon. These IP communities were chosen because they lacked basic access to safe and potable water. Many cases of death were recorded due to water borne diseases, lack of proper hygiene, and community conflicts. The scarcity of water during dry season led to conflicts among IP families. It also affected their farming activities. IP communities rely so much on farming.

Without water they could not grow vegetables and root crops; hence, affecting their food security and livelihood. Thus, water is very essential to their community life. Though the construction of the water systems was completed, post activities must be done in order to guarantee the sustainability of the project. First, water and sanitation training were done for basic hygiene. Second, the project management training was conducted in order to increase the capacity of the selected water system management committee. Third, tree planting activity was undertaken so that continuous supply of the source of water is warranted. Also, for the protection of the environment.