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Pein village has a population of 390 families. Its location is remote within a new development area. The surrounding area is leased for 99 years by the Cambodian government to Chinese main land private company to grow Cassava.

About 80% of the villagers lived in poverty and struggled day to day for food. Most of their children never had the chance to go to school as there was no school nearby and they helped their parents with labour for food. They also spent their daily time in the jungle to find wild leaves or roots to eat when the parents could not find jobs.

HOPE Cambodia received requests for the needs of the local villagers and started its integrated activities in 2010-2013 with funding from HOPENZ: Wells, Home gardens along with Training, Self Help Groups, Micro loans, Animal Bank and Education programmes.   The villager’s lives have gradually improved.

A school building funded by HOPE Canada, with 4 rooms for grade 1-4, gave the very first chance for the students in the area to have access to education.  In 2012 and 2013, it served nearly 200 students.  All the parents and students are really very happy to have chance at education.

Currently, the number of students has increased to 305.  Room has totally run out, with all students now severely cramped and there is another 80+ students wanting to attend.  The teachers are challenged to squeeze all the students in and are having to run two classes per room.  The parents in the Pein village have donated what materials they can and have built a simple lean-to on to the end of the building to accommodate a few more students, but it is far from ideal.

This project will build a 3 room extension, 2 latrines, provide a well and seeds for a vegetable garden, which will be used for food for student lunches.  The school extension will be completed by December 2017.