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Gift Cards

When you buy a Gift of HOPE card, your donation goes to fund the purpose stated on the card.

This allows us to help the poorest and most vulnerable in the communities we work in. We pledge that 94% of your donation will go to the project. After you have made your purchase, we send you a physical card with a description of the gift and its impact on an individual/family in the developing world. There is room for you to personalise the card before sending it on to your recipient. We’ll also email you a tax-deductible receipt. This means you’ll get back 33% of the total amount you paid us.

Gift Cards can be given for any reason at any time.  Maybe a birthday, Valentine’s day or just simply to say thank you.


Please click on one of the images below to select a card.

Choose your gift card:

Small Business Development

Training and micro finance for one person $25.00

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Seeds and Training

Rice seed, training and tools for one person $35.00

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Community Rice Mill

Give a family access to a local rice mill $100.00

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