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Four Water systems were constructed under the HopeNZ fund.

The First one was constructed in Sitio Nabul, Barangay Lamdalag, Lake Sebu, South Cotabato last October 31, 2021. A 15,000-L reservoir and seven water points were constructed for 94 T’boli families.

The second one was constructed in SitioKidalagan, Barangay Datu Danwata, Malita,Davao Occidental last November 19, 2021. A 10,000-L reservoir and seven water points were constructed for 30 Tagakulo families.

The third one was constructed in Sitio Bulul Lahak, Barangay Klubi, Lake Sebu South Cotabato last December 20, 2021. A 15,000-L reservoir and 10 water points were constructed for 320 families. It covers five different T’boli communities

The last one was constructed in Sitio Bed Bed, Barangay Demoloc, Malita, Davao Occidental last March 15, 2022. There are 59 Tagakulo families who benefited from this project. The water system did not reach the community due to the elevation of the area. Their community is situated on the peak of the mountain far higher than the water source. But this is far better than before. The community used to spend two hours just to fetch potable water situated 2 kilometers away, but now the water system is just 15minutes away from their community. The tank utilized as a reservoir is also owned by the community, given to them by a government agency for water system purposes but it was not installed because there was no hose given to connect the water source 3kilometers away from the community to the reservoir.

There were many challenges encountered during the construction of these water systems that caused delay in the implementation of this project. But, these challenges were nothing compared to the realization of the dreams of these IP communities. There is no word that can contain how grateful these IP communities are. They may not be able to express their gratitude personally, just look into these photos and you will see how your generosity gave joy to their hearts.